My Favorite Bedtime Stories from The Holy Quran The Sincere Seeker Collection

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Title: My Favorite Bedtime Stories from The Holy Quran
Author: The Sincere Seeker Collection.
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My Favorite Bedtime Stories from The Holy Quran

The Sincere Seeker Collection My Favorite Bedtime Stories from The Holy Quran

Dua (prayer of supplications to Allah) should be a habit in every Muslim’s day-to-day affairs so they can talk to Allah consistently and build a healthy relationship with Him. Dua is a believer’s most powerful weapon, and remembering Allah often is an act that draws one closer to his Creator; through praising Him, reflecting on His attributes, and seeking His forgiveness. Reciting dua in daily routine is one of the most beautiful ways of remembering Allah SWT. Through praising Him, reflecting on His attributes, and seeking His forgiveness, we can build a strong relationship with Allah. As parents, our goal should be to raise children who think and converse with Allah often, so they can grow up with a healthy Islamic mindset. My First Duas from The Holy Quran ★ will inshAllah take your child’s relationship with Allah to another level. This book will teach your child some of the Holy Koran’s most popular duas in Arabic and English, along with a description and explanation of the dua, helping your child understand what the dua means and when they should recite it in their lives. This book aims to make it easier for your child to memorize the duas and apply them in their daily lives, just like the past Messengers and Prophets of God did to seek guidance and assistance from Allah, the Glorious. Equip your child with a Muslim’s most powerful weapon, dua to Allah, the Most-Generous, so they can start to talk to Allah and build a relationship with him. This can begin by learning and memorizing Dua, so it can be ingrained in their heart and mind.  ♥♥ About The Sincere Seeker KidsCollection ♥♥The most significant and longest-lasting inheritance you can gift your child as a parent is a proper Islamic upbringing and knowledge of Islam. As a parent, you must teach your children about God, the Holy Quran, the religion and lifestyle of Islam, and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Every parent must instill interest and love for Islam among their children at an early age, so they can grow up with an Islamic mindset and lifestyle. Every household must set a daily time to develop and grow their child’s connection with Allah to nourish their souls. Just like our physical bodies need food and water to grow and nourish, our souls need the remembrance of Allah and the recitation of the Holy Quran to enrich, nourish, and give life to our souls.The Sincere Seeker Kids Collection is designed to introduce and teach your children the essentials they need to know about Allah, the Glorious, the Holy Quran, Islam, and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in an easy, fun, and educational way. The love of Allah is already instilled in our children’s hearts, and it is our duty as parents to help develop, nurture, and sustain that love and bond at an early age. A fun way to start introducing these concepts to your children is through reading to them and encouraging them to read. Nothing beats sitting with your children and bonding with them with beneficial and interesting concepts of Islam. Every page in each book introduces a part of Islam with a delightful, colorful illustration to help your children understand and appreciate each component of Islam.